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USB-DMX Converter

Date: 25 Marzo 2013


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Enttec Compatible

We have both PRO and OPEN versions, 100% compatible with Enttec interfaces.

Super tough!

Laser cutted stainless steel enclosure gives robustness in every situation.

Continuos development

This interface is the result of a continuos improvement of the previous versions. Check out the development history below.

The easiest way to control your DMX equipment ever!

SPLabs USB-DMX interface is a low cost and high performance Enntec® compatible DMX Interface with a lot of useful new features.

Available in both OPEN and PRO versions: PRO it’s an implementation of the Enttec protocol, while OPEN version uses the suggested schematics.
Check out the table below to find the best compatible software for your interface!

It uses the most common protocol in the market allowing the user to work with all the best software from the professional Modul8 for Mac to free softwares like Freestyler and DMX Control.

Drivers and software are available for Mac OS®, Windows® and even Linux!

Feel free to chose your favourite platform, this interface will work with any choice.



Microprocessor circuit gives perfect DMX timingsicon-siicon-no
Configurable timings and frame rateicon-siicon-no
Signaling LEDicon-siicon-si
Support for all the 512 DMX channelsicon-siicon-si
Double buffered channels, no more flickeringicon-siicon-no
Professional 3 pole Neutrik® XLR connectoricon-siicon-si
Active protection against power surges on both connectorsicon-siicon-note
Optoinsulated version available (Up to 1.5KV insulation)icon-siicon-no
Unique serial numbericon-siicon-si
Stainless steel, laser cutted metal caseicon-siicon-si

Compatible Softwares

DMX ControlFreelogo-windowsicon-siicon-si
MAX & PuredataCommerciallogo-windows logo-apple icon-siicon-no
Arkaos VJCommerciallogo-windows logo-appleicon-noteicon-no
ChamsysCommerciallogo-windows logo-apple logo-linuxicon-noteicon-no
Q Light ControllerFreelogo-windows logo-apple logo-linuxicon-siicon-si
D::LightFreelogo-windows logo-appleicon-noteicon-no
LX ConsoleFreelogo-appleicon-noteicon-no
Martin® LightJockey 2™Commerciallogo-windowsicon-noicon-no

icon-note = Should be compatible, but never been tested.

Development history

Oksidizer clone


This was the very frist version. Firmware was ported to PIC18F2550 and support for optoinsulation was added. You can find the original project here

Enttec PRO clone


Second version was Enntec PRO compatible. Also with optoinsulation capability, was enclosed in a roubust laser cutted stainless steel enclosure. This is the best unit we ever produced.

Enttec Open clone


Last version was an Enttec Open compatible because we wanted to have a cheap product. This is without optoinsulation, but we added support for both 3 and 5 poles XLR connector.

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